Erickson Davis Gallery
On June 1st, 2013
Davis’ wife and children organized a
memorial celebration in his honor.

It was at this time that Pam suspended
her “Prayer Flag for Richard”

In her mourning, she had made strips of
his clothing and knit them together en route
to make this installation.

A friend asked her, “doesn’t it make you sad?”
On the contrary, it was a way to be close to
him and now, to see it against the sky and
garden gives her abundant pleasure.
Looking forward to seeing it in the snow
next winter........
(she got her wish.....see images 30 - 39)

On the day it was mounted other women
added their hands and hearts to the project.
Both a friend in her 50's and an eight year old
learned to knit for the very first time.

Anyone who knew Richard would understand
how much he would appreciate this
gesture of love.

Pam welcomes anyone who would like to visit
and add their hands to continue the knitting.

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