Erickson Davis Gallery

May 24, 1978
About Us
Pam Erickson and Richard Davis

Pam and Richard, having had occasional business encounters, came to realize that they were meant to be together. Both being true romantics, they tied the knot on a teeny island off Petit St. Vincent in The Grenadines, West Indies

After renovating a 5,000 sq. ft. loft on 16th Street in NYC into a home and photography studio, they took on the task of converting an old potato barn in Sagaponack, Long Island where they eventually relocated, raising a daughter, a son, a couple of dogs, a few cats, various pets of the rodent variety and an iguana. With new studios and being out of the city, their passion for the creation of art flourished .

In 1997 they left the (now trendy) area behind for an old farmhouse in Killingworth, Connecticut but after four years of lacking enough work area they found a small factory for sale just nine miles down the road in the small village of Ivoryton. Loving the neighborhood and the challenge to transform the building, they proceeded to convert into a home, a gallery plus more than 5,000 square feet of studio space, thus giving them the room to maintain their obsession in working in many mediums and on various projects at a time. The large space also gave them the liberty to collect all the found objects that work their way into such diverse creations.

A Mutual Admiration Society......

"I consider Richard to be my mentor and my soul mate. I had acquired a formal art education from The School of Visual Arts but aside from keeping up my sketchbook and some needlework projects, had fallen away from being the creative person that I was destined to be. Richard has brought out the best in me by always encouraging and inspiring me with his unending energy, creativity, talent, commitment and work ethic.
(All these qualities without the ego!)"
- Pam Erickson, November, 2006

"Pam and I have total respect and admiration for each other, valuing each others opinions and work. Our life together has grown to an ongoing dialogue of shared discovery and creativity. She rallied round me to distance myself from my involvement with my career as fashion photographer. Though once exciting, creative and successful, over the years, it had become just the contrary. Pam gave me the encouragement that I so needed to leave it behind me and to dive, head first, into to my artwork. I still maintain my passion for photography and still retain and enjoy working in the darkroom, using many of my images in my mixed media work."
–Richard Davis, November, 2006